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** Pictures taken at night time is not coming out as nice, but due to winter season, it's very hard to capture perfect pictures in natural lighting. So please bear with me during this ugly season >.<

I received the MemeBox Makeup Edition at the end of May and when I opened it I was a bit disappointed even thou the box contains mostly full size products. I was expecting cooler stuff like foundation, BB / CC cream and lipsticks etc... Maybe sometimes I expect too much.

If you're new to MemeBox, click here and here for my previous MemeBox posts where I have described what MemeBox is. I assume a lot of you already know what MemeBox is so today I am going to skip the whole introduction.
"MemeBox Makeup Edition - This box is dedicated to all our make-up aficionados - nothing but make-up on make-up on make-up! In creating this make-up-only box, we've taken special care to include both innovative and trend-leading items, as well as trusted classics." - MemeBox

Below are the five full & deluxe size beauty products which arrived in the MemeBox Makeup Edition. Oh by the way, I have thrown away the box cause it came full squashed! 

Cheek Room Makeup Base 30ml ($9) / Full size product: 15g ($38)

Product Description: This waterproof and moisturizing makeup base is made from various flower extracts, sili-powder, and art-pearl; it will provide the perfect first layer of your skin makeup by maintaining your skin moist, silky, and translucent for a natural look.
How to use: As the first step of your makeup, take a small amount and apply it evenly over your face using your fingers to gently pat it on.

My first impression: This was randomly selected from green and purple, I have received a green one in the 30ml size. I am guessing the green one is to neutralize redness?! My first thought when I squeeze the product out of the tube was... "It's SO WATERY!".

N.S.M Reborn Sorbet Melting Tint Gloss 5g ($21) / Full size product: 5g ($21)

Product Description: The Reborn Sorbet Melting Tint Gloss create a bio-film over your lips to protect and maintain moisture and nutrition within. What makes this lip product so much more special is the texture; the moment you apply it, it will instantly melt into your lips with a smoothing and cooling feeling without being to glossy or sticky.
How to use: Apply the tint gloss on your lips from the inner contours for a natural gradation.

My first impression: There is a Cooling Tint and a Reborn Sorbet Tint, this was randomly selected and I have received the Reborn Sorbet tint in a barbie pink shade. The formula is kind of moussey and I really like this, mainly cause the color really suits my personality.

MustaeV Sport Erraser Concealer Pencil No.5 ($18) / Full size product: 3g ($18)

Product Description: This soft, pencil-type concealer will delicately cover up even the smallest blemishes or finest lines. Its creamy texture also offers a long-lasting coverage without stimulating skin troubles or sensitive skin.
How to use: Fill in the spots you wish to cover up with the concealer pencil and use your fingers to smear the boundary between concealer & foundation for a natural gradation.

My first impression: I have never come across a concealer in a slim pencil type but I am looking forward to using this around my nose and lips.

Ladykin Blossom Blusher 8g ($15) / Full size product: 8g ($15)

Product Description: This is a soft, micro-textured blusher which can be layered multiple times without sticking together and blocking up your pores. It will naturally blend onto your cheeks and maintain its vibrance all day long. There are five different options available offering a wide color spectrum from romantic pink to luxurious pearl pink.
How to use: Apply the blusher on your cheekbones and blend it in for a natural gradation.

My first impression: This was randomly selected from 01 Berry Sherbet, 02 Milky Apricot, 03 Aurora Blossom, 04 Aurora Sweet and 05 Luna Reddish. I have received 02 Milky Apricot and my first thought when I swatched it on my hand was "it's very sheer", I swirl my fingers in the blush around five times to get this glowy coral pinky shade.

Dr. Young Anti Pore: Pore Eraser Balm 15g ($38) / Full size product: 15g ($38)

Product Description: Enriched with hazel extracts, Swiss alpine herb extracts, marine collagen, and vitamin 5, the pore eraser balm is a primer perfect for featuring the soft, silky porcelain skin. This pore primer will in all the fine lines and enlarged pores and control excess sebum for a long-lasting look.
How to use: After skincare, apply adequate amount on areas with visible pores or oily spots.

My first impression: I wish this pore eraser balm comes in a tube instead of a little pot, this way it would be much easier to pick up the product instead of poking my fingers in the pot and picking up nothing! I tried the DR. Young pore eraser balm this morning and I am impressed! I love how smoothly it applies and it doesn't feel heavy etc, my foundation goes on evenly after.

I was disappointed when I first opened the box but after I tested all the products included, I was very impressed. My favourite of all is definitely the Dr. Young Anti Pore - Pore Eraser Balm follow by the N.S.M Reborn Sorbet Melting Tint Gloss. The product I am most excited to try is the MustaeV Spot Eraser concealer pencil and the product that is my least favourite is probably the Cheek Room Makeup Base. Now that I am so used to wearing primer, when hearing the words "makeup base" made me think of something chalky.

Products included: imageimageimageimage
- I like pretty much all the things included and I'm impressed with the quality of the products
Price: imageimageimageimage
- $23.00 for the Makeup Edition box.
Shipping: imageimageimageimageimage
- $6.99 for postage, took 6 working days to arrive.
Customer service: imageimageimageimageimage
- they got my address wrong, I emailed them & they changed it straight away.


  1. OOOO This box look sooo amazing! I'd love to have that lip color, blush and the base to try! I've never subscribed to any boxes but would love to eventually!

    1. You should def try ^^ If you like surprises, it will change your life :p haha x

  2. That primer looks sooo thin and liquid-y, I wonder if it works well though. I can see it as being either AMAZING or totally horrible haha, guess I'll find out soon!

    1. Not really looking forward to trying it but I will anyways, can't waste products :p haha I can imagine it's very chalky. We'll see ;)

  3. All the products from this box looks nice, but I think the fav product to me is the tint gloss!

    1. Awh I love that too! Esp love that they gave me a pink one! I see a lot of people got orange shade and/or red.

  4. I really want to buy my self a memebox, but I really want some 3concepteyes products :D
    btw I also relised makeup bases are so watery XD My etude house one is the same~
    I'm inviting you to join my first blog giveaway~ I hope you will join!
- Charmaine

    Charrmyn || Hyosung GoodNight Kiss Makeup Tutorial || Join My Giveaway

    1. I doubt that they would include any 3CE products. In their normal boxes like I mean non-one-brand boxes, they always includes products and brands that I have never heard of lol.


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