Beauty Empties #3 ♡ ft. Hourglass, Bihada Ichizoku Mask + More [2014]

Many products were mentioned in my September beauty empties post, but this month I have only finished up a few things, mostly samples and facial mask. Ever since I started writing these empties post, I have been encouraging myself to use up the products that I have already opened and really just to remind myself not to waste money and waste products. So far I am doing great and I am starting to really enjoy collecting empties products each month and write about my opinions on them.

I hope you guys are enjoying these type of monthly post as much as I enjoy writing about them ^^ ~

I got this cleansing oil gel from the Memebox Herbal Cosmetics Superbox. It claims to clean skin deep into pores without irritation, nourishes, moisturize and sooths the skin after washing. This herb cleansing gel is suitable for all skin type and it contains organic argan oil that makes skin vital and elastic.

This is a 100ml bottle and it last me approximately two months, I have been using this every night in the shower and I really enjoyed the gel texture and the smell is very fresh and nice. Not sure if the claims on deep cleanse into pores is true, but it really soften my skin after each use and I haven't had a break-out or itchy face since I have used this herb cleansing oil gel.

I would love to use this product again, but I would not re-purchase it myself.

I purchased the Philosophy Hooray for Sorbet set from Nordstrom ages ago and it contains three shampoo, shower gel & bubble bath in three scents: watermelon sorbet, mango sorbet and green apple sorbet. I have already finished both mango and watermelon ones which was mentioned in my previous beauty empties post.

I love these Philosophy shampoo, shower gel & bubble bath, but I must say LUSH's shower gel is 10 times better if I compare the two. I love that Philosophy's ones can be used as a shampoo and shower gel, but their scents aren't as full on, stays on your skin like LUSH does.

Philosophy is overall an amazing brand, I have tried some of their skincare products and they have really impressed me a lot. I would love to use this again and I would definitely re-purchase if they ever becomes available in New Zealand. I think having to pay for a high amount of postage price is what really put me off buying Philosophy shower gels, these are some heavy stuff and YouShop charge by weight, last time I bought these Philosophy shower gels nearly cost me an arm and a leg!

Once you have jumped on The Body Shop body butter train, it's very hard to get off ~ I used to think that these body butters are so overrated until one day I bought one to see what all the hype is about and I tried to convince myself it's not that great and it's just another body butter... Obviously I failed and I became sooo obsessed, I want to own all the flavors there are available!

Last time I tried the Grapefruit Body Butter and I didn't really like it at first, I guess the smell was too strong and it kind of put me off a bit, but then I end up really liking it ~ This time I have tried the Mango Body Butter and I absolutely LOVE IT! I love all things mango, whether it's the real fruit mango or man-made mango, I lurrrve it~ Mango Body Butter smells more like candy than mango, it has that very sweet candy-land smell and it is so moisturizing! The Body Shop body butters tends to be a bit more thick and sticky than other brands body butters, what I love most about their body butter is that they are sticky, but they made your skin super duper smooth and the softness last for a long long time!

I would definitely re-purchase this and I highly recommend it to those who has dry skin and to those who aims for silky smooth and candy-like skin.

Hourglass Veil Mineral Primer claims to help minimise the appearance of large pores and fine lines, and preps skin for makeup application while extending its durability. This little 10ml travel size Hourglass Veil Mineral Primer lasted me through four whole months of everyday wear, it's very impressive as it's only 10ml and I didn't expect it to last that long.

I have been using a few Hourglass products and it is a very VERY EXPENSIVE brand but their products are top-notch! Every products I have tried from their brand worth every cents spent. The Hourglass Veil Mineral Primer really does what it claims to do, I have huge pores and I have tried many primers that claims to minimise pores, but just didn't work for me. This primer does minimise pores for me, made my face look flawless and foundation goes on smoothly. When I wear this Hourglass primer with NARS Sheer Glow Foundation, my makeup literally last through 8 hours without my face being shiny or makeup sliding off.

I am currently using the Benefit That Gal Primer as I ran out of the Hourglass one and it's just not the same, I switch between the Benefit one and Shiseido Pore Smoothing Corrector, both made my makeup slides off during the day and I had to touch-up my face during lunch hours at work. I feel like once you have used something so amazing, nothing else can compete!

Currently waiting for the full size of Hourglass Veil Mineral Primer to become available at Mecca Cosmetica ^^ can't live without this baby! I highly recommend this product to those with oily skin that just can't find the right primer to make their makeup stay all day.

I got this moisturizer from my first Memebox: Superbox #1; this product claims to revitalize skin and soothes problem areas like dark spots, redness and acne problems. Also it claims to clear breakouts, improve skin tone and help protect skin from impurities.

I have used this for month and I have noticed there's less breakouts and redness around my nose, it did seem to improve my skin tone abit ~ I use this as a night cream and while I love how soft this moisturizer made my face feels, it is very sticky and wet once I have apply it on my face.

I enjoyed my time using this goddess cream and I would use it again, but I would not re-purchase it myself.

This was the first proper hair mask I have tried, I got this pack from the Memebox Rapunzel box which I will write an un-boxing post next week. There's two step to complete for this hair mask, you first have to apply the cream to your hair then put on the shower-cap-like mask and massage your head, wait ten minutes then rinse off.

I actually really enjoyed using this hair mask because of the shower cap, I liked how I was able to wash my face, brush my teeth, wash my body and do other things while I wait for the hair mask to do its work; instead of having to wait in the shower for ten minutes and did nothing just to avoid getting my hair wet.

After I rinsed off, I towel-dried my hair then blow dried my hair and my hair felt so soft and silky! I would definitely re-purchase this!

Pretty sure I have mentioned the Choosy Lip Mask in all of my beauty empties post, I also did a review showing a before and after of using this lip mask, click here if you're interested in a read ~ These lip mask are so amazing! They made my lips feel so soft after each use, no crack no lines and lipsticks goes on soooo smoothly! Also these comes in many flavors and each smells amazeball~

I re-purchase this every time I visit Ippondo, they have them for sale 10 pieces for $15!

Last time I visited Ippondo, I bought some of these Bihada Ichizoku face mask to try ~ What really caught my eyes was the cute anime girls on the packaging! It's wayyyyyy to kawaii not to have! I am new to the brand and I am not familiar with Bihada Ichizoku's products, but it's safe to say I am in love with the face mask! Every time after I used one of these face mask, my face would instantly felt very cooling and fresh. These face mask are very moisturizing and it keeps your face very hydrating and soft.

I would definitely re-purchase!

This was one of those foil packs sample that came with my packages when I order things from beautynetkorea, roseroseshops or eBay ~ I still have plenty to go through and I tried to use up the samples before I purchase the real thing. I did enjoyed this avocado rich cream, it made my face super soft and it smells nice.

I will be buying the full size when I have finish all the sample packs.


Have you tried any of these products mentioned in my October beauty empties post?


  1. Ohh I have not tried anything out by Philosophy yet~ ^ w ^
    Thank you very much for reminding me! ^ u ^

  2. Great stuff! I really love the sound of the apple sorbet wash and the mango body butter! I've yet to buy any from philosophy yet! I've got a major empties post coming up but there are too many things for me to write mini descriptions for!

  3. Love the primer too! I had a sample jar and it lasted me aaaages.


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