The Yeon Style Y Glossy Fit Crayon Lipstick ♥ Strawberry 01 // Review + Swatches

The Yeon Style Y Glossy Fit Crayon Lipstick
The Yeon Style Y Glossy Fit Crayon Lipstick
The Yeon Style Y Glossy Fit Crayon Lipstick in Strawberry 01

Today I am reviewing this gorgeous lip crayon I have been sooo obsessed with lately! I got this from one of my latest Memebox, the Pinkaholic Superbox which you can click here to read my initial thoughts.

I am not familiar with the brand The Yeon, nor could I find many information about the brand on Google when I searched online; except for a few Memebox unboxing blog posts. I assume this is a drug-store brand, well-known only in Korea, not anywhere else.

There is not a lot of information on the lip crayon box, a lot of the instruction and formulas are printed in Korean >.< except for a little description which says "Style-Y tells you the makeup story of an attractive woman, who goes after the unique and trendy sense and sophisticated style"... Okay ~ interesting!

The Yeon has described the Style Y Glossy Fit Crayon Lipstick as an automatic type lip crayon of natural color and moisture. It claims to apply smoothly, gives a glossy finish with clear color that makes lips moist and lively and it is formulated with moisturizing ingredients to keep lips moist and shiny.

The Yeon Style Y Glossy Fit Crayon Lipstick in Strawberry 01

The Yeon Style Y Glossy Fit Crayon Lipstick comes packaged in a white plastic pencil / crayon style with a twisted end, there's no worrying about wasting products from sharpening the pencil. The crayon comes with a clear plastic cap which hardly fit the crayon itself, I mean it fits but it's very loose, so there's a big chance it will get messy travelling in your handbag. If you own the NYX Jumbo Eye Pencils you will know what I mean, the caps for those jumbo eye pencils are very loose and they break so easily.

I think there are four colors available from the Style Y Glossy Fit Crayon range; I had a look on their website and I couldn't find any information due to not being able to understand Korean writings and also their page would not load property so it crash every time I click on the makeup section. I found the four color options through some Google searching, there's a pink, orange, red and purple. I got the color Strawberry 01, it's like the perfect pink.

This crayon lipstick has a light fruity scent, it took me awhile to realize what it is heheh the whole time I was thinking... "it smells like my childhood" then it clicks! It smells exactly like these peaches gummy fruits lollies I used to love so much as a kid! The smell is yummy and it disappear within five minutes.

Style Y Glossy Fit Crayon applies uneven every single time! This is one of the main reasons why I dislike crayon lip products. It also applies patchy and leaves dry flakes in the center of my lips each time, even thou I have exfoliate and apply a lot of lip balms, dry flakes still appears, then I would have to pick them off, *gross* ~ This crayon lipstick also sink into lip lines and it smears around because it is so glossy.

Strawberry 01 is quite pigmented, it allows you to wear it sheer or you can add a lot of layers to build up the more pinky color. The downside of adding loads of layers is that since it sink into lip lines, the more layer you add, the more obvious lip lines it appears.

This can be worn alone or you can wear it on top of a lipstick for that extra glossy look.

Since this crayon lipstick is very glossy and it moves around the lip easily, I was expecting it only able to last for one hour max; I was wrong! This crayon lipstick may be glossy and messy, but the longevity is amazeball! I have applied it while getting reading for work in the morning, had my breakfast one hour later and it pretty much just stays there! Still looking glossy, man I was so impressed! The color only starts fading away before my lunch break, it wore for approximately four hours and that is good enough for a glossy type of lip product, don't you think? ^-^

Oh and I also want to point out that during my four hours of wearing the lip crayon, my lips feels very moisturizing!

The Yeon Style Y Glossy Fit Crayon Lipstick in Strawberry 01

Despite the uneven application and the patchy look, I still very enjoy using the Style Y Glossy Fit Crayon Lipstick. I think the childhood peachy gummy scent must have won me over! I was also very impressed with the longevity of the product, I really did not expect it to last as long as four hours, especially for a glossy type. Strawberry 01 is such a girly pink and I love that the color is not over the top nor too sheer that it doesn't show, the lipstick the quite pigmented and it is very moisturizing.

The Yeon Style Y Glossy Fit Crayon Lipstick in Strawberry 01

I would usually tell you guys where you can purchase this product I have reviewed, but this one I am just seriously, clueless! I received this in the Memebox Pinkaholic Superbox and if you purchased that box, lucky you ^^ cause you get to try this lipstick, if you didn't buy that box, you might be able to get this lip crayon from eBay... There is also a Singaporean beauty website that sells this product, but since I haven't had any experience with their shop, I don't want to risk putting a link and have you guys scam!

Anyway, I rate this product:


  1. This pink is seriously stunning on you! You have no idea how envious I am of how such barbie type pinks looks so brightening and pretty on you! I've just had my first memebox the last two weeks and I can't wait to get more from them and also order some too!

  2. Aw, it looks so lovely on you! I love the shade (even if it is a bit patchy...)

    Ivory Avenue


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