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Foundation and Concealer has been one of my most loved categories of the year, I am actually quite surprised at the way I have been buying foundation and concealers lately. It's like, I am buying them as if I am collecting another lipstick.

I do realize I am starting to have that foundation collecting problem lol *blame it on the Makeup Obsessives group*. I tend to buy too many foundations, different brands, different formula, different shades all at once; and I often end up wasting a lot of these products cause there's just too many for me to empty out. But at the same time, I am surprised at the usage of some of the products mentioned below, I could never imagine myself ever going half way through a foundation or empty a small tube of concealer!

Anyway, if you're a foundation and concealer junkie like... me ;) *scroll down* to see what I have been loving!

I have been forever looking for my holy grail foundation! I wanted something that covers imperfection, one that is long-lasting and it isn't shinny; you know, the perfect foundation for oily skin. I remember going through all the MAC foundations as I was new to the whole MAC foundation family, I have heard amazing things about their Pro Longwear range, so I decided to give it a try.

Since then, I have made the best decision in my life!

MAC claims the Pro Longwear Foundation "gives up to 15 hours of wear in any environmental condition", "it's lightweight, it's creamy, applies and blend easily" and it gives a "smoother, flawless and natural finish".

In my own experience with the MAC Pro Longwear Foundation, I love that it applies smoothly and it gives me that flawless look; the texture is creamy and blends easily. The longest I have worn this is 8 hours and sometimes the foundation last through the whole day until I removed my makeup, sometimes it fades around my nose area and the parts where I wear my glasses, the foundation pretty just slides off. It isn't LONG-WEARING in any environmental condition, I find that when the air cond is on in the office, my makeup would last all day! But when it's not on, my makeup would slides off a bit.

Overall the MAC Pro Longwear Foundation is still my number one favourite! It is so far the ONLY foundation I have tried that doesn't slides off easily, my absolute favourite thing about this is that it doesn't make me break out, it doesn't make me look shiny after a few hours, it covers acne, imperfection and the texture is creamy, lightweight and easy to apply.

Kat Von D Makeup is exclusive to Sephora, so you know how hard it was for me to try and get that! I have been eyeing up on the KVD Lock-It Tattoo Foundation for the longest time, while saving for my big Sephora purchase, I came across all positive feedback on this foundation, a lot of bloggers claims it is very long lasting and it has amazing coverage; that got me even more excited!

Sephora claims the Kat Von D Lock-It Tattoo Foundation can "provide 24-hour wear with transfer resistance", it has "natural polymers that absorb oil for a matte, soft finish", also "provide a velvety texture for perfectly smooth hydrated skin".

I have had both great and bad experience with this foundation, the reason it has made a name for itself in the Best of 2014 list is because of it's high pigmentation! Sephora claims this foundation can cover tattoos, I haven't tried that yet as I don't own any tattoos, but it does covers ALL OF MY IMPERFECTIONS, like how amazing is that?! Its matte finish doesn't turn my face dry and flaky, the velvety finish is soft and it's just flawless! The bad experience I had with this foundation is that it doesn't last 24 hours for me, I find that it slides off quite easily in just 4 hours wear. >.<

Anyone else had that problem? I often wondered if I am applying it wrong?! A lot of people says the foundation sets SO FAST but I haven't come across that problem... yet.

Candy Doll has described this BB cream as a "makeup base, a foundation and a concealer all in one", "this BB cream is formulated with skin benefits to enhance it's natural glow", "it provides a natural coverage and controls oils".

I have only had this BB cream for a couple of months, so I can't write a full review on this yet. So far I am loving the weightless formula and the fact that it covers all of my imperfections, for a BB cream, it's very impressive!

Not sure if there is more than one shade for this BB cream, the one I have picked up is quite close to my natural skin color and it does give my skin that natural glow during wear. It sometimes feels oily but at the same time my face looks flawless. The Candy Doll BB Cream wore well for at least five hours for me before it fades and I have to touch up with powder.

I am curious, am I the only one who can't stand the smell of the MAC Pro Longwear Concealer? It smells like some nasty old hasn't-been-washed-in-years kitchen cloth! Other than the smell, I really do enjoy every bits of this concealer! I use this mainly under my eyes for highlights, sometimes around my nose area where I have uneven skintone and also to clean up my too-often overdrawn lipstick marks!

Another of my favourite concealer this year is the 3 Concept Eyes Full Cover Concealer, I have gone through two tubes of these and I am still loving it! The texture of this concealer is very creamy, it comes with one of those doe-foot applicator for easy and smooth application. I use this under my eyes area to brighten up my dull, puffy eyes for days I had rough sleeps the night before. I love that this is very long-lasting, it does not crease nor wear off by sweat, when wearing this concealer, it doesn't feel as if I have a lot going on on my face!

I use the Ben Nye Luxury Powder in "Banana" to set my under eye area after conceal and/or highlight application; instead of making my face look pale, the banana powder adds just a hint of color to brighten up my complexion. I love that it keeps my concealers away from creasing, it gives my face that natural glow and it doesn't fade easily or have my foundation / concealer slides off.

I have never tried Guerlain's makeup until I purchased this Meteorites Pressed Powder, and I managed to pick this up from a makeup group at such a good and reasonable price. ^^ Ever since I start using this pressed powder, I have become so obsessed with the brand.

The Guerlain Meteorites Pressed Powder is like a setting powder, it doesn't give any coverage; but it does provide a smooth and flawless finish! It made my face look and feel like doll face, it's that good! The shade Nacre Des Mers is like a perfect match to my NC25 skin tone, it gives me that perfect natural glow!

This is the first ever MAC product that I have hit pan on, and I totally impressed with myself! Haha ~ It makes me cringe when I think having to buy a new one when it finished, but at the same time hitting pan makes me really happy, it shows that I really enjoyed this product and that I am slowly changing my bad habit of wasting products.

MAC has described this as a pressed powder that is designed to "provide shine control without adding noticeable color or texture". I have read a lot of amazing reviews on this product, from people who has oily skin like I do; a lot of them loves how it keeps their makeup from running away, keeps them away from looking shiny and keep their makeup looking beautiful as if they had just applied their makeup in the morning!

My personal experience with this is amazing! Instead of using the sponge applicator it came with, I use a powder brush instead. Not sure if I am even suppose to wash the sponge applicator?! I did anyway, and on my second wash, it fell apart. The product itself is seriously... SO AMAZEBALL! I use this as a lunch time touch-up during weekdays and it literally made my makeup stayed all day! I love that it keeps oils and shine away from my face and it doesn't turn my face all cakey and dry. It sometimes does look a bit flaky on dry areas (my forehead sometimes gets dry).

Overall, you need this in your life; if you're an oily gal ;)


Have you tried any of the products mentioned in my Best of 2014 - Foundation & Concealer category? & What have you been loving this year? Share your most loved products of 2014 with me!


  1. I think i may have to try some of the foundations!

  2. OOooo...I love seeing post to do with foundations/bases! I have never owned a single mac foundation/base product but I'm totally keen on getting that pro long wear foundation now!! I would also love to try their studio tech cream foundation and their powder foundation too! I would love to try Kat Von D's concealer right now but it's not sold here yet! Grrr! Great post again Kay!


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