ELF Disney Ariel Bronzed Beauty Set ☆ Swatches

Back when Tumblr was popular, I met this girl in one of those girly networks things; we started out as just two makeup addicts doing makeup swaps, then we later became really good friends who tells each other stories and occasionally sends each other presents etc... 

Today I want to show you this ELF Disney Ariel Bronzed Beauty Set that she gifted me this past Christmas, I was so glad to receive an ELF Disney set because: 
1) they are not available in New Zealand and sometimes you just want things that you don't have, 2) Arghhh mermaid is so my thing, I love Ariel! 3) can't get enough of bronzers.

ELF Disney Ariel Bronzed Beauty Set
ELF Disney Ariel Bronzed Beauty Set

*deep breath* can we all just take a minute to admire this beautiful packaging?! Firstly, the bronzed beauty set comes packaged in an aqua color cardboard box featuring an under the sea theme; then the bronzer itself has Ariel's face printed on the cover. I struggle a little when deciding if I want to throw the box away *sigh*.

The back of the cardboard box has all the bronzed beauty set description, directions of use, ingredients list and just the basic information you need to know about this product.

ELF Disney Ariel Bronzed Beauty Set

ELF Disney Ariel Bronzed Beauty Set includes a bronzer and a mini kabuki face brush, this is a Limited Edition set which released from the ELF Disney Ariel Collection sometimes last year.

I have never tried an ELF bronzer before and I have to say I am impressed with the quality of the product. The bronzer contains two shades and two formulas, majority of its background is made of a dark bronzed matte and on the surface it has a few dots of golden shimmer splatter throughout the bronzer.

The texture of the matte bronzer is a bit chalky when I did my arm swatch, the shimmer part is, shimmery and velvety soft; when swirl both colors together, the overall texture feels creamy and velvety.

What I love most about this bronzer is the pigmentation, it is quite sheer, which means I can build it up to my desire shade and also the bronzer doesn't appear as a muddy color on me.

ELF Disney Ariel Bronzed Beauty Set

I feel like the mini kabuki face brush included in the set is useless for the bronzer, the handle is too small for my liking, the bristle feels very plastic-y and scratchy and it doesn't pick up any products!

I find it rather useful when using it to apply the Urban Decay Beauty Balm, despite its scratchy bristle, it seem to delivers a smooth and flawless application.

ELF Disney Ariel Bronzed Beauty Set
ELF Disney Ariel Bronzed Beauty Set swatches
L-R: shimmer swatch, matte swatch & both shades swirl together swatch

Have you tried ELF bronzers? Are you a fan? & Any recommendation?

The ELF Disney Ariel Bronzed Beauty Set is a lovely bronzer set to own and try, especially if you love Ariel; it is such a beautiful product inside out. I know I may have blogged about this a bit too late, since it was released over six months ago, plus, this was fairly cheap when it first released, I can only imagine people who bought bulk lot of this item wants double, if not, triple the price for a set.

Some items from the ELF Disney Ariel Collection is still available to purchase on eBay and Amazon, try your luck ;) may be you can score a few at a very cheap price.



  1. I'm a fan of the packaging, can't go wrong with the little mermaid man! I think that color is a good shade for light skin, it's a good warm without being orange! I've seen so many pieces of make up from elf and ariel but I've decided to skip them all knowing that the colors are not what I particularly would use much of and I'm not familiar with elf. I would LOVE some products with ariel or other disney princesses on them...especially in the past when sephora released disney princess products...OMG I'd pay double to get some of those products brand new or even second hand!

    1. I am the same with ELF products, I have tried one of their BB cream in the past and I love it so much at first but then after a week or two it starts to break me out so bad, since then it's a no-no to all ELF products. Lately I have been getting into ELF more... I guess if I was to purchase ELF myself, it would have to be damn amazing like a limited edition with cute packaging.

  2. ELF is so hit and miss for me that I'm never up to date with their products. I can't believe I missed this because the packaging is so adorable!

    Hao | haodoyoungo

    1. same here, haven't seen this collection in our store, we are never up to date with beauty products in NZ so I am no surprised!

      P.S I LOVE your new blog layout :)


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