Birchbox July Unboxing ♡ First Impression

I am a little emotional because I cancelled my Birchbox beauty subscription last month...  I cancelled the subscription not because I didn't like the items received, but I cancelled because I get my Birchbox via YouShop (parcel forwarding service) and upon receiving my July box, I was told that it contains dangerous item that cannot be shipped to New Zealand, it was a dry shampoo and I had two options, either pay extra to send the box back to Birchbox, or disposed of the item.

There was no way for me to pay extra to return the box, so I chose to disposed of the dry shampoo and shipped the rest of the box. So instead of getting five samples, I got four for July.


 BALANCE ME RADIANCE FACE MASK is described as a lightweight mask that can boost the luminosity of skin in just five minutes, it is suitable for all skin types and the formula cleanses, exfoliates and brightens skin, leaving your complexion softer and more radiant.

Balance Me has suggested to apply the face mask to clean face then leave for 5 minutes and wipe off with a damp washcloth. I have used as instructed, but instead of wiping off with a face towel, I washed my face with warm water. My face did appeared a lot brighter and smoother after used, I like that the texture is like an exfoliator and it smells like herbs. 

 SUPERGOOP! DAILY CORRECT CC CREAM SPF 35+ is described as a lightweight, easy to blend and fragrance-free formula that acts as a primer and a foundation. It claims to improves the appearance of pores and wrinkles, and smooths fine lines and repair uneven skin to deliver a flawless complexion.

 SMASHBOX COSMETICS X-RATED MASCARA features tripod fibbers that stack on lashes for endless volume, it has a build-able and long wearing formula that ensures the mascara won't smudge throughout the day. This mascara claims to turn your lashes from classic to bold in a snap.

 DR. BRANDT POREDERMABRASION is described as a rinse off cream that aims to cleanse and unclog pores and deliver an ultra smooth skin after used.

This exfoliator has a sand-like texture, it feels nice when scrubbing on my skin and my skin feels like baby soft after used, but I didn't see any difference with the pores.


Maul Haul ♡ ft. Clinique, Essence & Beauty Blender Storage

Maul Haul ft. Clinique, Essence & Beauty Blender Storage

Yesterday was one of those days that I planned to go to the mall for one thing and end up returning home with a few extra items. Of course those extra items weren't planned, but there is no regret either because the items I bought are all so amazing and affordable.

Not that I need anymore makeup, but I just happened to walked over and stop at the Essence stand. Remember my last Essence haul?! Seeing the Essence stand reminds me of how good and affordable their product is and I could not help but pick up some lip liners as they were only two dollars each!

Also one other item that got me super excited was the four square tray. I have been looking for something that is not too big, nor too small to store my Beauty Blenders and as soon as I spot the tray, I knew that it would be perfect for makeup sponge storages. I bought the tray from the Japan Mart and it was only $3.50! Bargain!

*oops* Please excuse the dirty sponge!

Maul Haul ft. Clinique, Essence & Beauty Blender Storage
Maul Haul ft. Clinique, Essence & Beauty Blender Storage


Initially my planned was to check out the price at the Clinique counter in Farmers (department store) before I make a decision to buy because I was expecting the price to be very expensive. I was definitely surprised and a little shocked when the lady at the counter told me that it is only $39.00.

I was expecting the price to be at least $60.00...

Anyway, I have used up my first bottle of the Clinique Liquid Facial Soap last week and I absolutely love it, it has become my new favourite facial wash. I love that it has a subtle minty scent and my face feels clean, soft and refresh after use. This product does cleans my face and my pores throughly, it removes makeup and it creates foam while washing.

Maul Haul ft. Clinique, Essence & Beauty Blender Storage


I had one of these nail polish a few years ago, different brand, and I absolutely love how fast it cleans my nail polish, even glitter ones. I could easily make one myself right now with an empty bottle, a sponge and some nail polish. It's that easy! but I am just lazy hehhe.

Maul Haul ft. Clinique, Essence & Beauty Blender Storage
Maul Haul ft. Clinique, Essence & Beauty Blender Storage
Maul Haul ft. Clinique, Essence & Beauty Blender Storage
Maul Haul ft. Clinique, Essence & Beauty Blender Storage


The Essence All About Bronze Eyeshadow really surprised me with its' quality. The eyeshadows are very VERY creamy, smooth, soft, blends beautifully and the colours are SO PIGMENTED!

Maul Haul ft. Clinique, Essence & Beauty Blender Storage
Maul Haul ft. Clinique, Essence & Beauty Blender Storage
Maul Haul ft. Clinique, Essence & Beauty Blender Storage


Only $2.25 each I could not say no...

have you tried Essence makeup?
did you know that majority of makeup products from Essence is made in European countries such as Italy, Luxembourg, Germany, Netherlands etc...

NARS Nordstrom's Best Cheek Palette ♡ First Impression + Swatches

NARS Nordstrom's Best Cheek Palette
NARS Nordstrom's Best Cheek Palette
NARS Nordstrom's Best Cheek Palette
NARS Nordstrom's Best Cheek Palette

I picked up a few beauty items from the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale this year and one of the item that got me most excited for is the NARS Nordstrom's Best Cheek Palette.

NARS Nordstrom's Best Cheek Palette
NARS Nordstrom's Best Cheek Palette

NARS Nordstrom's Best Cheek Palette contains four cheek blushes, one highlighting blush and one bronzing powder. To be honest, there was no point of me buying this palette because it contains a majority of cheek shades that I have already owned and tried, plus, I already have a few other NARS palette that I rarely reach for (I have this habit of buying something because it is Limited Edition).

My motive of buying the NARS Nordstrom's Best Cheek Palette was: 1) it is Limited Edition and 2) it comes packaged in the NARS' OG rubber casing. The packaging got me really excited because I wasn't a fan of those bulky plastic packaging that NARS has bought out in recent years, I mostly dislike that the plastic ones are too hard to open, and when the clock is ticking in the morning, I get too frustrated and end up never reaching for the NARS blushes.

NARS Nordstrom's Best Cheek Palette

NARS Nordstrom's Best Cheek Palette:

 ORGASM - peachy pink with golden shimmer

I first tried the NARS Orgasm Blush when I bought the travel sized Orgasm Blush / Laguna Duo, I like that the color is sheer and buildable and it is shown as a glowing peachy pink shade on my skin. 

 DEEP THROAT - soft pink with golden sheen

Deep Throat is such a gorgeous color and it appears as a peachy shade on me, the opacity is semi-sheer and buildable, and I first tried this blush when I bought the NARS Virtual Domination Cheek Palette.

 ALBATROSS - opalescent gold highlight

Albatross looks like a translucent pressed powder in the pan, but when applied on the skin it tells a total different story. I love that Albatross gives a subtle glow with only a few swipe, you definitely don't need to apply too much, but you're welcome to build up the highlight for an even more glowing effect.

 LUSTER - sheer golden apricot

NARS Luster Blush, I haven't read or seen this color, I am a total newbie here!

 DESIRE - matte bright pink

I have read a lot of amazing reviews of Desire and it's been on my wishlist for a long time so I was super excited that it is included in this palette. A majority of photos I have seen, Desire is shown as a full opaque bright pink, but when I did an arm swatch, the formula seems quite sheer.

 LAGUNA - diffused brown powder with golden shimmer

Laguna bronzer is a NARS cult favourite and when NARS brings out Limited Edition cheek palette, Laguna is always included; so by now I already owned a couple of NARS Laguna in my collection.

NARS Nordstrom's Best Cheek Palette
NARS Nordstrom's Best Cheek Palette


So far I love this palette and I am so glad that I got my hands on it before it was sold out. The NARS Nordstrom's Best Cheek Palette was USD $65.00 with a value of USD $124.00 and it is worth every penny, especially love that NARS bought back the rubber packaging.

did you buy anything from the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale?
what is your favourite NARS product?

Lush Haul 2016 ft. Mint Julips Lip Scrub, Cupcake Face Mask & A Few Glittery & Fun Bathbombs

Lush Haul 2016 ft. Cupcake Fresh Face Mask, Mint Julips Lip Scrub & Bath Bombs

I have recently used up the LUSH Santa's Lip Scrub that I bought during the 2014 Christmas period, and I could not be more happier as I really didn't like the smell of that lip scrub, but at the same time I didn't want to waste products so I forced myself to finish it before I can buy another.

FINALLY I was able to celebrate the end of LUSH Santa's Lip Scrub after nearly two years of using and recently I have treated myself to a mini LUSH haul which I have picked up my favourite Mint Julips Lip Scrub, a fresh mask and few other bath bombs.

Lush Haul 2016 ft. Mint Julips Lip Scrub
Lush Haul 2016 ft. Mint Julips Lip Scrub

 LUSH MINT JULIPS LIP SCRUB is my all time favourite and this is my second time buying this product. I love that the sugar scrub leaves my lips feeling ultra smooth and soft and the minty taste is so refreshing. I usually scrub my lips in the morning before I apply lipstick for the day, and I find that Mint Julips really wakes me up! No words described how much I love this product. Although, I find that LUSH's lip scrubs tends to be really damp as if the sugar has been soaked in water, but it still does the trick in removing flaky and chapped lips.

Lush Haul 2016 ft. Cupcake Fresh Face Mask

 LUSH CUPCAKE FRESH FACE MASK is described as a chocolate heaven for oily and teenage skin. I am way pass the teenage skin stage, but I do still get pimples here and there and after reading so many amazing reviews of this face mask, I have decided to try it. As I am writing this post, I have already tried the Cupcake Fresh Face Mask twice and both times I have been so impressed. This face mask doesn't fully remove the pimples but it does minimize the size of a pimple and clear swollen area around the pimple. I love that the LUSH Cupcake Fresh Face Mask really helps with breakouts and it shows signs of obvious improvement after used.

Lush Haul 2016 ft. Twilight Bath Bomb

 LUSH TWILIGHT BATH BOMB looks nothing like as it shown on the website, it is described as a tremendously relaxing lavender bath bomb. I like that it made my skin feeling soft after used and at the same time I was feeling quite relaxed. I like how it has surprises in the middle of the bath bomb, so twilight is a purple-ish pink, then as it frizz, the middle turns into a blue and the whole bath tub turns into a lavender shade. This is perfect for those that loves all things glittery, girly and sparkly, as twilight bath bomb is literally, GLITTER!

Lush Haul 2016 ft. Think Pink Bath Bomb
Lush Haul 2016 ft. Think Pink Bath Bomb

 LUSH THINK PINK BATH BOMB is described as the sweetness of vanilla absolute, it is sweet, but not overbearing. I haven't tried this yet, but I love the look of this bath bomb, especially the flowers on top, it's so pretty!

Lush Haul 2016 ft. Dragon's Egg Bath Bomb

 LUSH DRAGON'S EGG BATH BOMB seems like such an interesting bath bomb from all the reviews I have read. A lot of people says that this bath bomb has glitter surprise in the middle which I am super excited for, I love all things sparkly! and LUSH has described Dragon's Egg as "firework, frizz, froth and fruity fragrance".

I absolutely love Dragon's Egg bath bomb ♥ It turns my bathtub into a glittery yellow pool party and it has a delicious fruity scent! Here I attached a video I took last weekend:

Lush Haul 2016 ft. Space Girl Bath Bomb

 LUSH SPACE GIRL BATH BOMB is shaped like Saturn with added space dust, the colors of this bath bomb is what caught my attention in the first place and it is even prettier in person! LUSH has described the scent of Space Girl as blackcurrant sweeties, I can't remember smelling blackcurrant, but the scent was nice though and the bath bomb turned my bath tub into a deep purple, also after using Space Girl, my skin feels very soft.

have you tried the products mentioned?
what is your favourite product from Lush?