Kawaii eBay Finds #3 ♡ ft. Missha x Line Friends, Gudetamma, Mystic Cotton Swab Tint & Daiso Peel Off Mask

Kawaii eBay Finds #3 ft. Missha, Gudetamma, Mystic Tint & Daiso Mask

I have received some great feedback on my Kawaii eBay Finds blog series and I am glad to see that some of you really enjoyed this topic. Today I am sharing with you my latest eBay kawaii purchases, some of the items are probably not as cute this time, but I think overall they are cute enough to fit in this post.

Kawaii eBay Finds #3 ft. Missha, Gudetamma, Mystic Tint & Daiso Mask


Daiso Charcoal Mask has been a popular skincare item for many years and I have heard so many positive review of this product, with some people claiming that this mask is the best product that they have ever used. The purpose of this mask is to remove oils, dirt and cleanse pores and I assume it will remove blackheads too.

By now I have used this five to six times, and I don't see too difference it made. I thought the peel off process was fun, but the mask was hard to peel off and removed entirely even when it is fully dried.

Kawaii eBay Finds #3 ft. Missha, Gudetamma, Mystic Tint & Daiso Mask
Kawaii eBay Finds #3 ft. Missha, Gudetamma, Mystic Tint & Daiso Mask

USD $9.99 | 7MARKET

Korean beauty brands is so on to it this year, many like TonyMoly, The Face Shop and Etude House has released some of the cutest makeup collection and I reckon Missha has the best collection this year when they launched the Line Friends range.

I had my eyes on the Missha x Line Friends Jelly Lip Tint in the shade Maple Latte for the longest time, but lately before I buy a makeup product I always had to ask myself if it is a want item or a need item and finally I could wait no longer, I need this in my collection because it is too cute to pass.

The packaging is really simple but it's super kawaii with Cony printed in the front, the shade Maple Latte is a mauvey rosey color and the texture is a straight-up liquid type. Once applied on the lips, it immediate dries to a stain. It is drying during wear, but it is long wearing.

Kawaii eBay Finds #3 ft. Missha, Gudetamma, Mystic Tint & Daiso Mask
Kawaii eBay Finds #3 ft. Missha, Gudetamma, Mystic Tint & Daiso Mask


I am just so intrigued by the idea of a cotton swab lip tint and I think the idea is unique, no one has ever created something so weird, yet so much fun before! These are to be used once only and dispose of after each use, they are not messy during application and the pink color is gorgeous.

Kawaii eBay Finds #3 ft. Missha, Gudetamma, Mystic Tint & Daiso Mask
Kawaii eBay Finds #3 ft. Missha, Gudetamma, Mystic Tint & Daiso Mask

USD $10.44 | CHI0911282133

This is probably the most kawaii item mentioned in this month's Kawaii eBay Finds, it is water filled Gudetamma squeezed toy. I initially bought it to use as a stress ball, but I didn't realized it's so soft and that every time I squeeze it, it felt like the product was to break apart.


BRANDSHOP-UPRISE is based in Japan and the store sells a lot of Sanrio products that are hard to find elsewhere, the store also sells a lot of designer brands such as Louis Vuitton, Bvlgari and Cartier... This is my first shopping experience with brandshop-uprise and so far it is been a great experience, my parcel arrived within one week of order.

7MARKET is based in Korea and the store sells a lot of Limited Edition Korean beauty products that are either sold out elsewhere or the prices are unreasonable. I had previously purchased a bunch of Missha x Line Friends products from another well-known eBay seller, but my parcel got lost and by the time I requested for a refund, most of the items that I wanted are out of stock. So while I was searching for this lip tint, I came across 7Market and decided to buy from them instead. This is also my first time dealing with 7Market and it has been an okay experience, my parcel took three weeks to arrive and there were no samples included. 

ALPHABEAUTYUK is one of my favourite eBay store and I have mentioned this store many times on my blog. It is a Hong Kong based eBay store that sells mostly Japanese beauty products. I love Alphabeautyuk, their prices are always reasonable and I love that they offers some of the hard to get Sailor Moon beauty products.

CHI0911282133 is based in Taiwan and the store mainly sells cartoon and anime figures. My parcel arrived within three weeks and my parcel was packaged well.

I am slowly running out of idea of what to buy,
do you have any kawaii recommendation?


  1. You got some really cute stuff! That lip rent looks great love the red colour

    Beauty Candy Loves

  2. These look super cute!! Love the packaging <3
    And Daiso is such a nice brand (:

    Life in Pastel

  3. Fun stuff! I've never heard or seen of that color swab lip tint before and that squishy gudetema toy is adorable. PLEASE don't use the daiso charcoal mask all over the face! I've tried it twice and it's crazy. It's so painful for me when I remove it from the cheeks. I've used quite a few gel masks and they shouldn't ever feel painful or be so difficult to remove. I think it's okay for the nose and forehead but on the cheeks no way!


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