THE SAEM Eco Soul Cushion Tint PK01 ♡ Review + Swatches

The Saem Eco Soul Cushion Tint PK01

WOW! 1st of September!

Today I am sharing with you a cushion lip tint that I have been trying lately and it is THE SAEM ECO SOUL CUSHION TINT. I have been testing this product for two weeks on and off and I think it is time I share some opinions and thoughts on this product.

The Saem Eco Soul Cushion Tint PK01
The Saem Eco Soul Cushion Tint PK01
The Saem Eco Soul Cushion Tint PK01

THE SAEM ECO SOUL CUSHION TINT is described as an ultra-light liquid lip cushion that delivers vivid sensational colour. It features a soft cushion tip applicator that allows the lip colour to blends evenly and it contains rich ingredients that will moisturize lips during wear. The cushion has an ultra light texture with a velvety matte finish, and it claims to be very long wearing.

The Saem Eco Soul Cushion Tint PK01


THE SAEM ECO SOUL CUSHION TINT has a soft cushion tip applicator that claims to blends the colour evenly. It is suggested to release a proper amount by clicking the button on the other side and gently dab from inside to outward. 

I find it hard to line my lips with the cushion tip applicator because it is shaped like a ball, when I used this lip tint I always had to use with a lip brush to ensure that the colour doesn't smear outside of the lip line. Although the applicator is shaped too rounded and hard to apply, I like that the applicator allow me to apply the product evenly. 

The Saem Eco Soul Cushion Tint PK01


The packaging of THE SAEM ECO SOUL CUSHION TINT is simple, it is shaped like a pen with one side being the cushion tip applicator and another side being the clicking part which you click to distribute the product.

At first I had to click about 50 times (no exaggerating) for the lip color to start showing on the cushion tip applicator, then once I start using the product, I can sometimes use the left over from the last click or I can click once or twice for it to distribute more lip tint.

The Saem Eco Soul Cushion Tint PK01
The Saem Eco Soul Cushion Tint PK01


Most of the time I like lip products with a fruity and or flora scent, but I feel that THE SAEM ECO SOUL CUSHION TINT has a too overpowering perfume-y flora scent that lingers on your lips and never disappear! 


THE SAEM ECO SOUL CUSHION TINT has a creamy texture that applies with a sheen, but dries to a matte finish. It feels lightweight and my lips feel hydrating during wear, but it was a little drying towards the end. The only time that my lips is sticky is when I applied too much product, usually you would only need to apply one to two layers as it has an opaque coverage.


Firstly, I put THE SAEM ECO SOUL CUSHION TINT to test when I had a sandwich, while I was eating I was almost too afraid to bite directly from the sandwich, instead I had to peel off bits by bits and put the sandwich in my mouth because the lip product transferred terribly, but... the color surprisingly stayed in place! It did not moved one bit, nor did the color smeared all over (even when I bite directly from the sandwich) - first experience, impressed!

Secondly, I had spaghetti... LOL! I love spaghetti. You could imagine that spaghetti is pretty messy, but when I checked in the mirror after my meal, I was (again) surprised to see that the lip colour stayed in place, the middle bit has faded a little and my lips felt a little drying; but overall it still looked amazing.

The Saem Eco Soul Cushion Tint PK01


THE SAEM ECO SOUL CUSHION TINT is available in six vivid colors, and they are in different shades of reds, oranges and pinks. 

Most of the time when buying lip products, I like to buy every single color even thou I haven't tried the range before and I am unsure of the quality etc... I like to collect lip products and it's never been a problem for me to collect every single color that is available; But, I had a not so great experience with the PeriPera Cushion Pang Tint prior to buying The Saem Eco Soul Cushion Tint. I decided to only try one color at a time and I picked PK01 Shooting Rose. 

PK01 Shooting Rose is a medium rosy pink, it reminds me of a less vibrant version of MAC Viva Glam Nicki Lipstick, the color looks gorgeous with a 'no makeup' makeup look and it is suitable for everyday wear as it's not too dark too vampy, nor too light and pale or too bright and neon.

 The Saem Eco Soul Cushion Tint PK01
The Saem Eco Soul Cushion Tint PK01


With every product, no matter how good the quality is, there is always PROS and CONS; and overall I had a great experience with THE SAEM ECO SOUL CUSHION TINT and I like how it wears on me. The only reason(s) that I gave it four hearts is because 1) the cushion tip applicator is too rounded and it's not one that I could apply in a rush, 2) it has a perfume-y flora scent that doesn't go away and 3) the cap is very tight and it is hard to open. 

Apart from the three cons mentioned above, I like that the cushion lip tint is long wearing and despite the difficulties with the applicator, it still applies evenly. I like that the lip color doesn't bleed, feathered nor smeared during the day, even when having a messy meal and I especially like that it is a matte finish but it is comfortable and hydrating during wear. It was a little drying during the last few hours of wearing, but that is quite normal, especially when I have worn the lip colour for over 10 hours with no touch up during the day. 

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The Saem Eco Soul Cushion Tint?
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  1. Before you even mentioned it, I was saying to myself that applicator is so round! LOL At first I thought it might be an eye product. How weird for lips. Booo, about the scent! But I must say the color is gorgeous and looks fabulous on you. Plus it has staying power which is awesome.


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