Tuesday, September 6, 2016

YSL Rebel Nude Set ♡ First Impression

YSL Rebel Nudes Set

Today I am sharing with you my first impression of the Yves Saint Laurent Rebel Nudes Set that I have recently purchased from the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale.

There were two YSL Nordstrom Anniversary Exclusive Set available and as much as I want to get my hands on both sets, I was only able to choose one because of the price tag. These sets are USD $72.00 each with a value of USD $108.00 and each set contains three full sized YSL lip products and one makeup bag.

Although this is a Limited Edition set, all the lip products included are permanent products; so if you didn't managed to get your hands on the lip sets, you can still buy the products included individually.

YSL Rebel Nudes Set
YSL Rebel Nudes Set - Vernis A Levres Glossy Stain 07 Corail Aquatique
YSL Rebel Nudes Set - Vernis A Levres Glossy Stain 07 Corail Aquatique

 YSL Rouge Pur Couture Vernis A Levres Glossy Stain 
07 Corail Aquatique | RRP USD $36.00 

Yves Saint Laurent Vernis A Levres Glossy Stain is described as a lip product that combines the texture and shine of a gloss with a long wear of a stain. It has a lightweight texture that immediately melts onto lips and a it offers a glossy stain that delivers intense glossy color for an extremely long lasting shine. The applicator is designed in a slanted tip with short and soft bristles that allows for flawless application.

07 Corail Aquatique is a summery coral shade.

It wasn't too impressive upon first application as the lip stain applies with a cream texture, it was patchy and it emphasize imperfection. I then started to like this product when it warms up and melts into my lips! YSL Glossy Stain has a nice fruity smell, it feels lightweight during wear and it wears for five hours. The product stays glossy throughout the whole wear and it doesn't have a sticky texture.

YSL Rebel Nudes Set - Vernis A Levres Plump Up Glossy Stain
YSL Rebel Nudes Set - Vernis A Levres Plump Up Glossy Stain

 YSL Vernis A Levres Plump Up Glossy Stain
RRP USD $36.00

Yves Saint Laurent Plump Up Glossy Stain is described as a long wear lip plumper that offers shine, wear and volume. It claims to give lips an instant plumped effect and YSL has suggested to either wear it alone as a regular lip conditioner for a naturally enhanced lips, or underneath other lip colors to achieve an instant push-up result.

This is basically a clear lip gloss with loads of sparkles. I like that it is glossy, not sticky and long wearing, but I dislike that the applicator is so stiff that it hardly picks up any product. 

YSL Rebel Nudes Set - Oil-In-Stick Lipstick 47 Beige Blouse
YSL Rebel Nudes Set - Oil-In-Stick Lipstick 47 Beige Blouse
YSL Rebel Nudes Set - Oil-In-Stick Lipstick 47 Beige Blouse

 YSL Rouge Volupte Shine Oil-In-Stick Lipstick
47 Beige Blouse | RRP USD $37.00

Yves Saint Laurent Rouge Oil-In-Stick Lipstick is described as a medium-coverage lipstick with a texture that provides high-performance color and shine while it conditions the lips. 

The YSL Oil-In-Stick Lipstick is formulated with 65% oils, it has a deeply hydrating texture that instantly melts into lips, creating a pop of color, with instant moisturization and all-day comfort. YSL claims that after four weeks of wearing this lip product, your lips will appear healthier and more nourished.

47 Beige Blouse is described as a soft beige.

YSL Rebel Nudes Set

 YSL Nordstrom Anniversary Sale 
Exclusive Rebel Nude Set Makeup Bag

The Yves Saint Laurent Rebel Nude Set includes three bestselling lip products that are available to purchase individually as they are all permanent products, but the makeup bag included is exclusive to the set and it's not sold on its' own.

I am literally at a point in my life where I couldn't care less about makeup bags, at the moment, I have way too many to count, cheap ones, branded ones, colourful ones, plain ones, I have them all! They all came included in makeup sets and subscription boxes and to be honest I am sick of them.

I must say that the makeup bag included in the Rebel Nude Set is made of really good quality, the design is simple and super cute, it's not tacky and it's useful; and best of all, it's big enough that it could store your phone, your wallet and it can be used as a night time clutch.


  1. HaHaHa I'm with you Kay on the makeup bags! Same here. I love that this is black patent leather. I've never tried any YSL lip products before. All the colors tend to be on the light side. I'll have to take that into consideration when purchasing.

  2. Gorgeous! Love all three products! I would love the clear gloss actually. I realized that I haven't owned a clear one in years. I recently got yet ANOTHER shine lipstick from them in a very similar nudey peach shade to the last one you lip swatched. I seriously love their formula and it works so well for my dry lips.


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