Sheinside Clothing Haul

I placed an order from Sheinside nearly three months ago and during this shopping experiences it gave me so much headache. It finally arrived last week Tuesday and I can finally relax and leave those madness behind >.< *breathe a sigh of relief* In the end I've grab some bargain and I love these pieces of clothing, check them out ;) *below*
First, I chose this cute "Metallic Copper Geometric Straight Shorts" which retailed for USD$24.67 but I grab a bargain for only USD$14.80 ;) I got a size small and they are abit too tight for me, but still fits nicely. These shorts are made from cotton, features two front pockets and vintage geometric pattern.
Then I grab this cute "Wine Red PU Leather Pleated Mini Skirt" for US$15.89, I got a size small and fits me perfectly. It's not really that winkly, the picture just made the skirt looks winkly lol. This leather skirt is made with PU leather with a side zipper and banded waist. I love the color x

Next, I picked up this cute "Black PU Leather Hollow Flower Embroidery Peplum Vest" for only USD$15.13, it was originally USD$30.25. I bought a size small and it fits me perfectly. This is the cutest top I have seen in a long time, the top is made with PU leather, features a peplum style, hollow flower embroidery around the neckline and hidden back zipper. 
Isn't the hollow flower embroidery pretty ?! I think it's the prettiest thing ever!

I originally planned to wear this "Black Long Sleeve Eyelet Lace Up Neckline Sweatshirt" during spring this year cause I order this at like nearly the end of winter, I was explecting it to arrive during spring time while it's still chill and sweater acceptable; but obviously, it did not arrive on time :( now it's too hot for summer. I still like it thou, it's black, it's simple, it goes well with anything and fits very nicely. This is made with cotton and I love the metal eyelet lace up around the neckline. I grab this on sale for only USD$16.18 and original price was USD$53.97 *bonus*!

The last item I picked is this pretty "Black Spaghetti Strap Tribal Geometric Pattern Embroidery Dress". I like that it's got straps, or else they would not fit me, I bought a size small and it is abit tight fitting but I still can manage to squeeze in :p hehe I grab this on sale for USD$17.02 and original was USD$28.36. The dress is made with cotton and polyester, features V neck style, spaghetti straps and tribal geometric pattern in black and red. The dress looks way better in real life than in their promo picture.

Even thou I had such a full-on headache experience this time shopping with Sheinside but I am still very impressed with their customer service and at the end of the day it arrives and put a smile on my face. Sometimes I really am very impatient so it's not even all their fault. 

Anyways, which of the above pictures / pieces do you like best?! Mine is definately the metallic shorts and the holla flower emboridery leather top ;)

Etude House Minnie Kissing Lips ♡ Review

My latest beauty obsession is the Minnie Kissing Lips lipsticks from the Etude House xoxo Minnie Mouse collection. I have recently blogged about almost the whole collection which I absolutely love but I was not able to try out all the products in such short period so for now I am only going to review the lipsticks.
As always, Etude House never fails to impress with their packaging and design. Each lipstick comes in their own packaging, one shows Minnie Mouse putting on red lipsticks and another shows Minnie Mouse enjoing her pink lipsticks with some cool ass heart shape shades.

Etude House Minnie Kissing Lips is available in two shades, 01 Minnie Red and 02 Bubble Pink. I wish it comes in a lighter pink color suitable for everyday wears but I guess if they do offer a lighter pink color for this collection it wouldn't go well with the theme. Anyways ~ I can't get over how cute the packagings are ~ hehe.

Etude House have described these lipsticks as "moisturizing lips stick with vidvid color". yeahh *nods* totally agree ;) Both formulas are moisturizing, feels hydrating on lips and also feels very light weighted. The colors are quite bright in my opinion, which makes it hard for everyday wears but they don't smudge and last up to many hours. When removes with makeup wipes, Minnie Red tends to leave abit of staining on the lips, which is pretty normal; all my other red lipsticks does the same thing to me.. *sigh*

As mentioned in my previous Etude House xoxo Minnie Mouse collection blog post, these can be purchased from eBay and other websites such as beautynetkorea, w2beauty and many more. I have bought mine from beautynetkorea for USD$9.50 each. Very affordable for such kawaii and good product. Please check below for swatches on lips of both colors.

- Etude House Minnie Kissing Lips in shade 01 Minnie Red -
- Etude House Minnie Kissing Lips in shade 02 Bubble Pink -
I highly recommend Minnie Kissing Lips lipsticks to anyone :") wether you're a lipstick lover, disney lover, minnie mouse lover, or you're just looking for something new to try, these are very worth the price.

** Packaging:
** Quality:
** Pricing:

E.L.F Mineral Infused Face Primer Review ♥

Ever since I had a bad experience with the E.L.F tinted moisturizer, I have been trying to stay away from any of E.L.F's face products. Not that I dislike E.L.F or anything, I actually love this brand; some of their products are actually very good quality and very affordable. I was just trying to avoid getting pimples using products that does not fit my skin. Anyways, I have been eyeing up on the E.L.F Mineral Infused Face Primer but due to my previous experience with E.L.F's face products I kind of hesitated about it and plus no stores near me sells E.L.F, I either have to get them from America or TradeMe (New Zealand version of eBay) and it's a hassle sometimes. 

Back in October, I did a makeup swap with my very good friend Mary and in the package she has given me the E.L.F Mineral Infused Face Primer. **YAYYY** Girl can read my mind! I have been using this face primer everyday for work since I received it and I have been loving it so much. Today I want to share why I think it's one of the best  face primer out there~

Alright, so I have used primer from brands such as Tony Moly, Etude House, Shiseido (love this one but it's not very affordable) and more but they are all either very expensive or they feels so heavy on my face. 

I have the E.L.F Mineral Infused Face Primer in "tone adjusting green" which as stated on the elf website it is ideal for minimizing redness and correcting blotchy skin. The face primer comes in a white tube with a pump head which I like very much, it's easy to use and pump out the product. 

In each use I only need one pump of this face primer, one pump is enough for my whole face and last up to approximately 8 hours. The face primer is in a avocado green color but when applied on my skin / face it turns clear. 

E.L.F described this primer as one that will transform your face into a flawless and smooth canvas. Developed to combat against excess oil, flaky dryness, enlarged pores and fine lines. This primer will prepare your skin so makeup goes on evenly for a long lasting satin finish.

When I use this primer, my face doesn't feel heavy like when I used primer from other brands, the tone adjusting green does even out my skin tone and covers more of my redness which I usually have around my nose, my foundation or BB cream always goes on smoothly and doesn't look cakey. 

So very good product, except that it smells like petrol. Like that smell when you go to a petrol station, yeahhh ~ that smell~ It doesn't bother me thou, I am one of those weird peeps that don't mind those smell and also this primer is abit greasy but I am not surprised and no complaint either cause I do have oily skin. 

I love this product and I highly recommend all my readers to try it out, it is very affordable and always good to try new things ^-^ 


3 Concept Eyes Haul ♡

Three months ago, Arissa Cheo posted a picture of her "current obsession" of some 3 Concept Eyes products on her instagram; I instantly fell in-love with this brand even thou I know not much about 3CE. Right then, I thought that must be a good makeup brand cause we all know Arissa Cheo has amazing taste in everything!

Three months later, I finally get to try 3 Concept Eyes myself! Oh no, don't get it wrong, it didn't take that long to arrive haha ~ During this three months, beside saving money for the products I want, I also took some times to research and learn more about the brand. It seems like a lot of girls in Asia loves 3 Concept Eyes, almost all the reviews I searched up comes with positive feedback.

At first I was going to buy some 3 Concept Eyes lip products on eBay as it is much cheaper than everywhere else I've looked, but some people warn me that those 3CE products could be fake. True 3CE isn't that expensive, but since it's quite popular in China / Hong Kong / Taiwan, people sells fakes just to save some money. So I didn't want to risk getting fake products I end up buying my 3 Concept Eyes products from Stylenanda.

Here are a few products I bought:
Prices range from USD$13.00 to $30.00, shipping took only one week to arrive, which is very impressive for me! Service is very good, Stylenanda didn't miss any of my items, instead they gave me some nail remover tissue as gift ~ All items were came packed in bubble wraps and stylenanda's packing is very simple and nice.
Can't wait to start using these products ~

LABATO Leather iPad Case Review ♡

Labato Leather Case Megnetic Cover for Apple iPad 4 3 2 with Auto Awake & Sleep Function Fold Standing / Movie Stand Design Rose Red Color Lbt-IPD-03H33rose
Recently I have been given an opportunity to review this gorgeous ipad case by Labato, a brand that offers high quality and inexpensive cases for iPhone and iPads. Ever since I bought my ipad months ago, I have been looking for a suitable case to protect my ipad; suitable I mean it has to be stylish, durable and affordable. I could not find the perfect ipad case until this Labato case arrived in my mail, I was pretty impressed with the case ^-^

Labato case has a simple and slim design, very classy in my opionion ;) As described from their Amazon store, the case is "hand made from the Premium Leatherette matched with functional design and style to allow access to all ports whilst case is closed". It is "decorated with silkscreen, the color of which was designed through many attempts and adjustments", "Microfiber Leather with strong tenacity and wearability matches with contrast color stripes", "soft internal lining imprinted with Labato logo, the insurance of brand and quality", "equipped with smart-cover folio, cover to sleep for the iPad and open to wake it, intergrated 2 position stand functionalities with multi-viewing angles", (great for watching movies on ipad), "exquisite details processing on all edges and corners for full protection, free access to camera, USB port and loudspeaker".

The packaging of the Labato case is very simple, it comes in a white A4 size box with the word "labato printed in the center; on the bottom it has "Case for iPad 2, The New iPad & iPad 4" printed in black ink.

The Labato case comes with a brand new sheet of screen protector for your ipad ~ bonus!

The front view of the Labato case.

The back view of the case. Very simple design and gorgeous color, the material of the outside of the case is very easy to clean, just wiped it with a damp cloth and the dirt is gone ;) I like to use makeup wipes to clean my case.

This Labato leather case comes with a magnetic cover which automatically turns off ipad when ipad case is closed and turns on ipad when the magnetic cover is lifted up or ipad case is opened. I am personally not a fan of this magnetic cover, I often feels like my ipad will die sooner if I keep turning it on then turning it off. Maybe it's just me who feels like this hehe maybe I really am weird :p I guess the magnetic cover is quite useful too, saves you a lot of time if you are rushing some where.

I like that the Labato case allows my ipad to sit in whatever positions they wish, the top picture shows the ipad siting straight up which is good for watching movies on ipad, which happens alot as I am always on YouTube and second and third picture shows the ipad can be put into a lower angle suitable for playing games and or just reading news.

Overall I am super impressed with this case. When I received the Labato case I was blown away by the quality, the camera hole is cut right, the case fits well, the color is gorgeous and it feels worthy.


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Purchase their case from either eBay, Amazon and/or AliExpress.

** Disclaimer: This ipad case was sent to me for review purpose, all contents and opinions expressed here are entirely my own.