Yes To Carrots, Cucumbers, Tomatoes Skin Care

I first came across the 'Yes To... Natural Skin & Hair Care Products' in Countdown a few weeks ago. This brand is totally new to me, as always, before buying a new product I always check for these products reviews on Google. Sadly at the time I have only came across some not so helpful reviews on makeupalley, people were all feeling either neutral or dislike this product, only a few people thought that the Yes To... product is to die for. So at the time I didn't know if I should get it or not, cause I might regret it seeing as pretty much 70% of people online does not like it.

I ended up getting two Yes To... products anyways, cause it was on sale. Original price is quite expensive so while it was so sale, why not try some new products?

First time I got a Yes To Tomatoes daily clarifying cleanser and a Yes To Cucumbers facial towelettes (makeup wipes). I was nervous on my first use, cause as I mentioned before it is very expensive even when it's on sale (in my opinion anyways, I love to save so I always buy sale stuff that's really cheap); I was afraid that since a lot of people does not like it, I might not like it too and I could probably just waste like $30.00 on something that I won't ever use again (after first try). But guess what?! After first use I just can't stop! I love the products and I have no regrets of trying the Yes To... brand.

Yes To Tomatoes daily clarifying cleanser (can't remember exact price but it was around $16.99 on sale) 9.92oz / 95g,  this product is 96% natural product. "Yes to tomatoes and watermelon for banishing impurities. Yes to red tea for keeping skin clear". I love this cleanser, after using it for awhile now I do feel like my face is getting cleaner. One bad thing thou, it smells bad haha.

I absolutely love the Yes To Cucumbers facial towelettes, it is the best makeup wipes brand that I have used! After each use, it leaves my face feels very refreshing, it removes all makeup, including waterproof :) smell very nice too, like cucumber.

I have used the makeup wipes so fast that I had to go back to Countdown and get some more. Luckily I went today and the brand was on sale again! This time I bought more than two products!

Here are the few Yes To... products I bought today:
** Yes To Tomatoes daily pore scrub - $12.99 (sale price) - $19.99 (original price). 4oz / 113g, 97% natural product "Yes to bamboo to exfoliate and salicylic acid to unclob pores and make blackheads run for cover!", this product targets combination, oily, and breakout-prone skin.

** Yes To Carrots daily facial moisturizer - $26.99 (sale price) - $29.99 (original price). 1.7 fl oz / 50ml, 97% natural product, SPF 15, "Yes to natural SPF protection from zinc oxide. Yes to carrots and chamomile for rich, non-greasy nourishment".

I love that it's got a pump head (or whatever you call them heheh), it'd be much easier to get the moisturizer out ^^

** Yes To Carrots repairing night cream - $26.99 (sale price) - $29.99 (original price). 1.7 fl oz / 48g, 98% natural product "Yes to organic carrots that know just how to nourish dry skin. Yes to vitamin E for healing and hydrating". I was super surprised at the size when I took it out of the box cause it's really small.

** I bought two more packs of Yes To Cucumbers facial towelettes - $8.99 (sale price) - $9.99 (original price). 30 Pre-moistened towelettes, 98% hnatural products, "Yes To Cucumbers and aloe vera to cleanse, remove makeup, and nourish skin... al in one swipe!". I am in love with the package opener thing, it's one of those plastic easy to open and close opening and it's also one of those that won't dry out your left over makeup wipes after each use!

In Love With 'I love... Cosmetics' ♥

I have never been a fan of moisturizer, I always feel like they're either very sticky, uncomfortable or they smell like sunscreen eek (& I really don't like sunscreen). That is probably why my mother often tells me my legs looks like chicken legs, lol eww much?!

I may not like moisturizer but I do love trying out new products. When the brand I love... Cosmetics first came out, all my internet friends were like going crazy and I just wish that I could try it already; I have heard so much positives feedback about this brand, everyone loves how yummy they smell. Sadly it was not available in New Zealand (like always, we always get everything last). I remember looking everywhere in store, online etc (no online store ships to New Zealand!) I was so grrr, I just had to be patient and wait.

So I almost forgot about this I love... Cosmetics brand until one day I came across this website where it says something like "I love... Cosmetics is coming to New Zealand", I was like Ooh yes finally!

One day, while wondering around in Takapuna mall I finally came across this brand in a pharmacy and I just had to get some products even thou they were so expensive.

I got these:
I love... Strawberries & milshake moisturising body lotion - 250ml - $16.99; and
I love... Strawberries & milshake shimmer & shine lip gloss - 15ml - $10.00

I finished the body lotion within two weeks and that is how much I love i ~ It smells so good (like strawberries), not sticky at all and very comfortable! The smell last the whole night, I was very impressed ;") The lipgloss, I have only used about five times, it taste yummy, it's a clear gloss, I guess it's nice but it's not my favorite; I don't like or dislike it, just mutual.

After I finished the body lotion I refused to use any other body lotion brands so I went to a pharmacy in Browns Bay and bought some more I love... Cosmetics products. The pharmacy were having a I love... Cosmetics promotion that day where you buy 2 I love... Cosmetics products and get one free. I bought 3, got 1 free which saved me $19.99 :") BONUS! I love sales ~~

I bought these:
I love... Raspberry & Blackberry body lotion - 250ml - $16.99; and
I love... Coconut & Cream exfoliating shower smoothie - 200ml - $18.99; and
I love... Coconut & Cream body-butter - 200ml - $19.99 (free)

I have so far used the body-butter and oh my gawd the smell is just heaven! There's really no words to describe this smell. I asked my mother if the body-butter smells like some sort of food / desert and she said it just smells like pure coconut but in my opinion it's not that simple! It's just smells like some sort of desert that I have had tried before in some fancy resturant that I can't describe! I have also used the I love... Coconut & cream exfoliating shower smoothie once and again the smells is just heaven! Since I have only used it once, my review of this product won't be correct so.. yeh!

Anyways, I am so glad I love... Cosmetics have finally arrived in New Zealand!

CANMAKE Creamy Touch Rouge

I have never heard of this Canmake brand untill I came across it in the Japanese store. At first I didn't know what it was, I mean yeah I know it's a lipstick cause it's got a picture of a kiss and the words "Creamy Touch Rouge" but everything else on the packaging is in Japanese and I don't understand any of it :( Should have paid more attention in Japanese class while I was in high school *sigh*.

At the time I kind of hestitated to buy them cause they're too expensive for my liking, at $20.00 per lipstick I didn't know if I should try it or leave it. So I search it up on Google and came across some beauty blogger who gave really nice reviews about these and so I decided I should try them. I bought Mashmellow Pink and Misty Orange.

On the Canmake website these are described as "Velvety semi-matte lips", "Creamy texture and high color" and "A rouge that creates plump lips".

[01] Mashmellow Pink is a cute princess ish cotton candy pink color, it's described on their website as "A pink that's perfect for sweet, doll-like makeup", agree-agree ^^

[02] Misty Orange is a coral ish orangy color. I thought it's going to give me a 'pale' look cause I don't suit orange color lipsticks but surprisingly these came out very nice.

♥ Gorgeous colors
♥ Cute and simple packaging
♥ No need lipbalm, lip concealer; these goes on my lips very smooth
♥ Very moisturizing

♥ Expensive ($20 per lipstick)
♥ Smells like fish (LOL idk, maybe it's just me)

 From bare lips to [01] Mashmellow Pink

From bare lips to [02] Misty Orange

Overall I am very happy with these lipsticks


My Top 5 MAC Lipsticks ♡

I am a lipstick lover and MAC is one of my favorite brands!

I wish there is a MAC closer to where I live, but the closest one is in the city which is like 30 minutes drive away; eeek! Every time I go to the city I always have to get a MAC lipstick, no other MAC products, just their lipsticks ;)

I often feel like I don't give my MAC lipsticks enough love, haha xD so today I am going to share my top 5 favorite MAC lipsticks --> [from left to right] Cremesheen Creme Cup, Snob, Saint Germain, Viva Glam Nicki and Ruby Woo. <-- Sorry they all look so used and ugly :/ haha but I love them anyways x

MAC Cremesheen Creme Cup - The perfect pale pink, nude-ish lipstick ;)
MAC Snob - I am pretty sure everyone have at least one of MAC snob in their makeup collections! This is like a daily wear lipstick for me, it's light pink with a bit of purple-ish in it.
MAC Saint Germain - This lipstick has been with me for the longest time! That's probably why the MAC logo has been fully rubbed off on the packaging. I start my MAC lipsticks collections from Saint Germain and because this has been with the since the start, there is so much to write about! I bought this lipstick was when I started to become interested in makeup, at the time I didn't know what MAC was. I remember one day in Smith & Caughey's in town, I came across the MAC counter, saw their whole lipsticks collections and I was blew away by how beautiful they look. I have always been a pink color lover and Saint Germain caught my eyes straight away! After I bought this lipstick home I started to fall in love with MAC lipsticks cause everything about them is perfect! MAC Saint Germain is a pale pink with a blue undertone, this is the perfect Barbie Girl pink lipstick!
MAC Viva Glam Nicki - I loveeee this lipstick! I bought this because I am a Nicki Minaj obsessed and when you love someone that much you got to have things, everythings that they have! If it wasn't for Nicki, this would probably not be in my top 5 favorite lol hehe. This is kind of a bright ish neon pink / coral color.
MAC Ruby Woo - I am not a fan of red lipsticks, I mean, yeah they look glamours, sexy and all that but I don't think they look good on me :/ some people can wear them so good. But it just looks weird on me, when I wear red lipsticks they often make my skin looks pale ass even thou I have this yellow-ish Asian skin color..  I don't know why. For a long time I couldn't find the perfect red lipstick for me until I found Ruby Woo. 

Oh yeah, must not forget to mention how good these smells! MAC lipsticks has this sweet vanilla scents hmmmm ~~ so yummy la ~~ A very weird facts about me, I only wears lipsticks that has a nice scents. I for some reason hate those lipsticks that just smells like, lipsticks >.< wahh hahah.

I finally get to try the famous Revlon Lip Butter!

Revlon ColorBurst™ Lip Butter was released how long ago...? and I have recently just bought my first lip butter, talk about being 10 years late!

I remember when Revlon first introduced their colorburst lip butter, everyone around the world was crazy about it. I remember I wanted one soooo bad! But it wasn't selling in stores here. New Zealand is always late on keeping up to trends with the world (like me), so when Revlon lip butter hits New Zealand stores, people around the world is already over this trend.

I was so excited one day while shopping knowing that the Revlon lip butter is FINALLY in stores here and I told myself I need one, I must try one to see what all the raves was about this lip butter. I went to the store and I was shocked at the price! It was something like $25.99 for ONE LIP BUTTER, like are you kidding me? I was not planning on spending that much on a lip balm / lipstick.

So I waited months later and finally bought my first one about two weeks ago. I bought the nude 'Creamsicle' and was expecting something like creamy nude gorgeous looking nude pumps lips. *sigh* I was so dissappointed after swatching on my hands, it was almost like a clear gloss color. It was nothing like the colors that was shown in Google images when I search 'Revlon Lip Butter Creamsicle'. When I put that into Google search it came up with like nude pump lips. Grrr I was disappointed alright.

I got to admit that this lip butter is very good looking, I am a huge lipstick lover and the look of this impress me :) I love the clean, simple packaging and the top part (I don't know what you call this thing :/) matches the color of the lipstick!

When I tried this on my lips I was also disappointed because it was not moisturising as it should be. It's more like a watery gloss and the color looks like it's going to melt on my lips. I was not happy :( I am so sad! The quality of this lip butter is no where worth $25.99!

PROS: cute simple packagaing
CONS: expensive, not moisturising as it should be, too watery, color doesn't really stay on

I was thinking that, maybe it's such bad quality because of the color I bought is 'too nude'? I don't know, maybe I should try a pink lip butter, maybe it will be different and maybe it will be a better quality than this.

Etude House Ice Cream Nail Polish Reviews

I am a sucker for anything kawaii and Etude House sells these super cute ice cream nail polish that I just have to have them! I also went through a nail craze phase so when I saw these I thought to myself, these nail polish are a must-have in my collections.

I got these nail polish on eBay for around $4.00 USD each, they come in eight colors and also have cute fruity names for each of them. I bought all eight colors: Strawberry (pink), Red Orange (coral), Peach (peachy nude), Choco (brown), Banana (yellow), Green Apple (green), Blue Mint (sky blue) and Blue Berry (lavender purple).

I remember posting a picture of all eight colors on Instagram and I have received so many compliments. A lot of people asked if they are scented nail polish cause they look so yummy, sadly no; they may shape like an ice cream cone and look so eatable but it smells just like any other nail polish.

Usually when I review a product, there are lots of good / positive things about them and there are also negative things; but for these nail polish everything is so perfect I can't seem to find a negative point. I have had these nail polish for over one month?! I have used all of these colors for at least twice and I am very impressed.

PROS: totally kawaii packagings, gorgeous colors, products are very affordable, nail polish is very pigmented (one coat is enough), dries very fast, last up to 1 week without chipping.

Above is all eight color of this ice cream nail polish swatches on a blank paper. In my opinion these are very affordable and a must-have in your collection if you are a sucker for kawaii things like me ;) You can buy these on and just search "etude house nail polish" .